Tips so that your children do not stop to brushing

Form the habits of children is not easy. It requires a lot of patience and perseverance, but its reward is sweet. Knowing that thanks to these habits in the future will enjoy good health is something that motivates any parent. Also, in this article we want to remind you that it can be fun to teach your children to be healthy.

Remember that it is typical of children’s diet to be rich in sugars, which greatly increases the likelihood of developing caries. If all the sugar consumed by children is added poor oral hygiene, the formula has only one solution: caries. (5 tips to prevent cavities in children)

That is why it is essential that the child does not stop brushing. Experts estimate that parents should brush children’s teeth twice a day at least until they are 7 years old. Of course, even before the age of 7, the child can learn it in order to manage the movement and that the parents can supervise and correct it.

Tips so that your children do not stop brushing

  • It serves as an example: Children will repeat the habits they see in the house. So you must have an exemplary behavior, and oral hygiene should not be left out. The child should feel that brushing is important for you and for family members, and in this way you will appreciate it.
  • Make the child understand that hygiene (oral) is paramount: That is, regardless of the child’s mood, he has to understand that brushing should be done. You must learn that even if you feel upset or indisposed, you should do so.
  • Make brushing something fun: Brushing should not be boring. You can sing songs about hygiene and the correct brushing technique to make it more enjoyable.
  • Brush with them: Make the moment of brushing a moment of union. Brush together and you will not see it as an obligation.

Use these tips so that your children do not stop brushing. In this way you will avoid the formation of cavities and the development of other dental diseases to which they may be exposed.