Tips before traveling go to the dentist

Tips before traveling: go to the dentist, although it is true I repeat the same as the title says, this is my second post of advice before traveling. Australia at first impression is expensive, however you can lower costs, as we get to know the place and we find out the tips to eat, live and other things. However, where it is difficult to find tips and cheap is in health, although we are covered by the insurance they buy, they usually act for later reimbursement or when they return to the country of origin. Then they should have the total money of any medical consultation at the time they need it.

A little humor related to the teeth.

Because I tell you that it is super necessary and important, that I go to the dentist before traveling at least to get a review, I tell them my experience, where when I went to the dentist, I found several details and where there was one that went expensive, In total, that cost me around 450 dollars in Chile, however if I had done that in Australia the cost would have been at least 1,500 dollars, depending on the professional and it is a lot of money that as backpackers nobody wants to spend in this unexpected. As advice as my father told me, in which the teeth and his smile, is our best presentation for our life and that with that you can get work, business or save yourself from some unforeseen, so to check your teeth.

Okay, suppose you have the money and it’s not a problem to spend, now comes the other problem that the treatments are not short-lived, so you have to spend your time at least a couple of weeks, so sometimes it means asking for permission At work, in a certain way it is somewhat uncomfortable and therefore there is an indirect loss of additional money, because you must stop working. On the other hand, they will not be able to enjoy the benefits of roasts and drinks.

So that the teeth do not make a bad pass, before a long trip like this, invest a little money in Chile or in your country, to avoid an unwanted expense in an expensive country like Australia related to dentists.