How to overcome the dentist fear

The panic and fear to go to the dentist is very common. Many patients are afraid to sit in the dentist’s chair and some directly avoid it and do not go unless strictly necessary, when they have no choice. Today in the dental clinic such give you the keys to overcoming the fear of the dentist.

Main causes of fear of the dentist

Fear of the dentist can occur for various reasons, here we name the most common and those that our patients repeat us the most.

Pain or panic at injections

Sometimes the visit to the dentist’s office is synonymous with pain. When we have to extract a piece or perform an orthodontics we submit to slightly painful processes and those who do not tolerate pain very well prefer to avoid it.

A bad previous experience

Other times patients are afraid because they have had a bad experience with another dentist who, for various reasons, has not attended to them correctly.

It is uncomfortable

If you have to do an intense treatment you probably have to remain open-mouthed for a long period of time, and this is not very comfortable to say.


In our country, dental health does not have free medical coverage like the rest of the sector. If you have big problems in your mouth chances are you have to spend money to fix them.

How to overcome fear of the dentist?

Our best advice is to look for a dental clinic confidence in the staff and professionals working in it will inspire trust and confidence. In the dental clinic such h we strive to pamper our patients and make them feel at home. Ideally, we communicate your fears so that our professionals take this into account when to assist you. While you wait, or during the consultation, try to keep a relaxed conversation as much as possible.

Once you have located your clinic avoids delay the time to go. Make an appointment early in the morning, if possible, to avoid backing off and going. Prepare yourself mentally, we guarantee you will leave alive the experience. Do not hesitate to ask your dentist for a break or set a password that lets you know that you need to stop for a moment.