How to Create the Habit of Brushing Teeth in Children

The dental hygiene habits must be present from the first years of our children, since this depends on proper tooth development and the absence of problems and diseases of the teeth. Children should brush their teeth since childhood, when they start having mobility and thus learn to do it right from the start and avoid unpleasant surprises throughout his life.

Obviously, when they are very young cannot do it themselves, so it is work of moms and dads make those first dental cleanings with a soft brush without toothpaste. The brushing should be done smoothly, without forcing the child to stand. The first few times can be more complicated, but little by little, the child will get used to it and it will be easier to clean his teeth

Children should learn how to brush their teeth well from a young age

Once you have more autonomy, brushing teeth can be introduced as a game to be performed at least three times a day. To get the kids are motivated to bring this hygiene routine, you can start doing it as if it were a game , creating this custom as well come to them throughout their lives.

If they instilled the need to brush your teeth from an early age after every meal, it assimilated as normal and continue with the habit throughout his life. This will allow them to have a proper dental hygiene and avoid many problems as adults.

Keep in mind that children often play acts they see their parents do, so if they do look like their parents, have to imitate. With this addition, they will have more desire and motives to do so, making it easier to adopt this healthy and healthy habit.