Negative Habits For Children’s Dental Health

The correct oral hygiene of the children must begin even before they get their first teeth. Parents’ early education in this area helps to promote healthy dental habits in the smallest of the house, preventing childhood dental caries.

Getting teeth children have good dental health is as easy as avoiding these bad habits listed below:

Thumb sucking

Thumb sucking from three years of age can generate multiple problems in the mouth of the most Such as displacement of the anterior and posterior teeth or deformation of the palate. That is why it is very important to remove this habit from children as soon as possible.

You use the pacifier too long

Pacifier use during a period too long in the child’s life, affect your mouth by interfering with the normal tooth and jaw development of their health.

Biting pencils, pens or other objects

Biting pencils or pens is a very common habit among school children and even among adults. But this is a very harmful habit as it introduces bacteria into the mouth and wears the surface of the tooth prematurely which can lead to future fractures.

Use toothpaste with fluoride over age

Excess fluoride can cause fluorosis, a condition that creates white or brown spots on the teeth of children. Children cannot use adult toothpaste and always have to use a special toothpaste for them, with the right dose of fluoride for their age.

Excessive consumption of soft drinks and sweets

Sweets, sodas and sugary drinks are very harmful to the teeth of adults and especially children. It is therefore important that after the intake of this type of food the child will brush their teeth. Children should be taught that good oral hygiene will help them to enjoy a healthy and beautiful smile in the future.

Nail biting

habit of biting nails significantly increases the risk that in the future a child can suffer from bruxism, which in turn lead to tooth sensitivity and facial pain.

Do not visit the dentist

Going to the dentist when children have tooth decay is something that should be avoided. It is always better to prevent any oral problem by going regularly to the trusted dentist. It is advisable that the children go to the dentist as soon as they start to get their first teeth. They will be thoroughly examined, the possible risk of tooth decay will be evaluated and parents will be advised how to properly clean their child’s teeth.